Armstrong Outposts

Float PlaneOur outpost cabins are accessible by float-plane only. We try our very best to shuttle our guest in and out on an "on-time" basis, but we are always at the mercy of "Mother Nature". When inclement weather causes occasional delays, we try our very best to meet the scheduled times for in/out transfer of guests.

We cannot be responsible for delays due to weather conditions or events beyond our control.

For the most effective scheduling, our flights are booked so that when one party is coming out from a camp, another party is ready to load. To ensure the most effective service, guest are required to arrive at base camp at Armstrong at least one hour prior to their departure time and to allow an extra day in their plans on departure and returns in the event of weather problems.

Each guest is allowed 100 pounds of gear and supplies per person. If those limits are exceeded, the party will be charged accordingly and overloads may be delivered at operator's convenience if an additional flight trip is required to transport the overload.

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